Nicole James

Nicole James is a hair & beauty salon that came to us looking to improve their online presence and create a booking system that worked for both clients and staff.

Booking System

The booking system allows any client to choose a service, then choose a time slot when they want their appointment. If they have a preferance on stylist they can even choose which staff member they book in with (as long as that staff member is able to complete the appointment).

The timings are set by the staff at the salon, each service has a time and price. Then this gets used alongside the salons opening hours to book clients in an organised manner with an easy to see schedule for the staff.

Previously the staff had to use a book and write every appointment in manually. Their online booking system allows them to save money as they no longer need to be on the phone to handle every appointment and it is far more accessible as any member of staff can access it at any time, from anywhere whereas previously somebody would have had to go to the salon.

Salon Information

As with most sites, they wanted to express what they do, and who they are. So we created an about us page, within this page we created a section about the staff to give a personal message each to create a bond between clients and to invite new clients in a friendly manner.

We also created a services page to highlight exactly what the salon does, with a short description for each and a beautiful picture alongside highlighting the service provided. They were keen to have pictures, especially of what they do and what they have done, so we used them throughout the website to give a stunning visual experience for the visitor.

Gallery / Instagram

They wanted to be able to post updates about the work they have done to show new and existing clients. However, they wanted to do this on their already existing social media and the website. After discussions, they expressed how they were concerned it would take too much time to upload the same thing onto so many different channels. What we did for them was build a gallery page that directly linked to their Instagram page, showcasing their work without being time consuming for the satff as when they posted onto instagram, this would also publish to Facebook.

And of course, the whole experience was made mobile friendly for easy use to all clients.

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